how to recover How to Recover Deleted SMS

How to Recover Deleted SMS

How to Recover Deleted SMS From an iPhone With iCloud Backup?

How to Recover Deleted SMS? Whether you’re using SMS for business or not, it can be devastating to lose important information like customer text logs and performance metrics. Thankfully, deleted messages aren’t gone forever.

Files don’t disappear when you delete them they stay around until the storage is overwritten by new data. Here are a few potential ways to recover your deleted SMS.

How to Recover Deleted SMS

Restore a iCloud:

If your deleted text messages are recent (within 30 days or with Messages in iCloud enabled) and you’ve been keeping a backup of your phone, the simplest way to recover them is through an iCloud backup. Connect your iPhone to a computer, then open iCloud on the computer. Select your device’s name, then click “Restore Backup.” Restoring from a backup will erase any data added to your phone since the time you created the backup, but if you need to get back those deleted text messages right away, this is the best option.

If it’s been more than 30 days since you last backed up, or if your messages were permanently deleted (or you don’t have Messages in iCloud enabled), there are other ways to recover them. One way is to ask the person with whom you had the messages if they have them on their phone. This method isn’t as reliable as restoring from a backup, but it can work in a pinch.

Another way to retrieve your deleted texts is to use a third-party software program that allows you to preview iCloud backups and selectively restore data. One of the most trusted options is iPhone Data Recovery, which lets you download your backup files and then choose which to restore. In addition to allowing you to view and restore lost text messages, the program also lets you recover notes, contacts, call history, Safari, and more.

Restore of Google Drive:

You can recover deleted text messages from your Android phone with Google Drive if you’ve previously backed them up. The backups are saved together with other data, including SMS, on your Google account. The process of restoring a backup is easy. Just select the “Restore from Drive” option in your device’s settings and follow the on-screen instructions. Once the restore is complete, your SMS will be restored along with other backed-up data.

If you’ve lost your phone or factory reset it, it’s important to keep a backup of your SMS messages. This way, if you accidentally delete them or lose your phone, you can still access them. There are a few ways to restore SMS from a backup, including using a third-party application. The best tool for this is iSeeker, which allows you to restore SMS from Google Drive without risking overwriting existing messages.

To use iSeeker, download the software on your computer and connect your device to the program interface via a USB cable. Once the program scans your device, you’ll see all of your files displayed on the screen. Select the file types you want to retrieve, including SMS messages. After selecting the desired files, click “Recover” to begin the restoration process. Once the recovery is complete, you can view your restored SMS texts on your computer.

Your carrier:

Depending on your carrier, you may be able to recover deleted text messages that were backed up to your wireless provider’s servers. However, this is a difficult option, as most carriers will only keep these records for a short period. Additionally, you’ll likely need to jump through a lot of hoops and provide proof of identity or the consent of the sender to get these messages back.

Alternatively, if you have an Android device, try using a 3rd party messaging app that supports SMS backup and recovery. This method is more reliable than the carrier-provided methods, and it can be used to recover permanently deleted text messages on Android as well as iOS devices.

Another option is to take a screenshot of the deleted message, which will create a visual record that you can refer to later. While this isn’t a full solution, it is an easy and quick way to keep a record of important information.

The next time you delete a text, think twice before hitting the trash can. With so many ways to recover lost texts, it’s worth the extra effort to ensure that your information isn’t permanently lost. If you want to avoid losing important text conversations, consider streamlining your business texting with SimpleTexting. Our free trial lets you test our SMS management software for 14 days, no credit card required!


As we all know, files don’t just disappear when you delete them. Rather, they stick around somewhere until overwritten or replaced by new data. That’s why it’s always a good idea to back up your data regularly. It can save you from losing important information when disaster strikes.

If you don’t use iCloud or the native backup features of your phone. There are still ways to recover deleted messages. For example, you could try restoring a previous backup—if one is available—or using a third-party recovery app. Some of these apps even offer backup and restore features for free.

Another way to save your deleted text messages is by taking a screenshot of them. This method doesn’t work for all phones, however, since not all have this feature. If you have a MacBook or similar computer. You can also archive your messages to get them out of the way without deleting them permanently. You can do this in the Messages app or other SMS backup services, such as Google Messages.

Finally, you could try contacting your carrier to see if they keep records of deleted texts from their customers. Techwalla reports that some carriers do keep records of text messages on file. But you might have to file a request with customer support or even face a lawsuit to get them.

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