how to recover How to Recover Deleted Photos in Android

How to Recover Deleted Photos in Android

How to Recover Deleted Photos in Android?

How to Recover Deleted Photos in Android? Many Android smartphones have a slot for an SD card that can significantly expand internal storage space. If you’ve been saving photos to the SD card, you can use a photo recovery app to restore them.

How to Recover Deleted Photos in Android

Permanently deleted files aren’t immediately erased from your phone. You can recover them if you act quickly before they’re overwritten by new data and files.

Backup and Restore:

Fortunately, deleted photos aren’t necessarily gone forever. In most cases, photos or pictures that have been permanently removed from your Android gallery can still be recovered using a photo recovery software application. This type of software will dig through the internal memory of your phone to find deleted files and restore them.

The best way to recover deleted photos is to back up them regularly. Many Android manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sony, HUAWEI and Xiaomi provide cloud backup services that will keep your photos or pictures safe in case you accidentally delete them.

If you haven’t backed up your photos and pictures, you can try to recover them from the Recently Deleted folder on your Android device. You should also try to avoid using your device after losing photos or images because this will increase the chances of overwriting the deleted data with new files.

Another great option for recovering deleted photos on Android is to download them from social media platforms, like Instagram or Facebook. This method can be tricky because the deletion may have occurred after the photos were shared, so you’ll need to be patient and search carefully for the missing photos. If you’re lucky, you may be able to recover deleted photos from the Trash bin or Recently Deleted folder on your Android device.

SD Card:

Most Android cell phones can take an SD card to store more photos than the device’s internal memory. If you’ve deleted pictures on an SD card, you can recover them with a photo recovery application. Many of these apps are available for free in the Google Play store. However, they may not work on all Android devices. Some require root access to scan for deleted files and retrieve them. One such app is DiskDigger, which can work on rooted and unrooted devices. It can also recover music, videos, documents, and more.

Another way to recover photos on an Android phone is to use a desktop program. For example, FonePaw Data Recovery can recover deleted photos from an SD card and restore them to the computer. To do this, connect the SD card to the computer with a card reader. Launch the software, select the disk drive, and click “Scan.” Once it’s finished scanning, you can preview and select photos to recover.

It’s distressing when important photos disappear. Unfortunately, this happens often due to various reasons, such as virus infection, accidental deletion, partition table corruption, power failure, etc. Fortunately, there are several ways to recover deleted photos from SD cards on Android phones and other devices. Whether you’ve made backups or not, these methods are worth trying. With these easy-to-use methods, you can get back your lost pictures in no time.

Social Media:

There are a few apps that can recover photos and videos that have been deleted. They can be found by searching online for “photo recovery apps.” Once you find one that promises to work, download it and follow the instructions. These will typically involve connecting the device to a computer and following the prompts to scan for missing files. After the scan is complete, the software will display a list of file types that can be recovered. This includes images that were captured by the device, those saved to the gallery, pictures stored in the picture library, and even text messages. Once you’ve selected the files you want to recover, click the “Recover” button.

Most Android cell phone manufacturers offer cloud backup services. If you have enabled this feature, it may be possible to restore deleted photos from your cloud storage. However, it’s important to note that this method only works if the deleted files were synced to the cloud before they were deleted from your device.

It is also important to remember that no photo recovery method is foolproof. To prevent losing your photos in the future, consider backing them up in a different location. For example, many users have their photos backed up to Dropbox, so they can be restored from the Dropbox app on another device.


Many photo recovery software applications are capable of recovering deleted photos. One of the most reliable ones is DiskDigger, which can recover permanently deleted photos from your Android device. It works by scanning the memory of your Android device or external storage media for missing files. Once found, the software can then locate and relocate these files to a safe location. It also allows users to preview recovered images before deciding which ones they want to restore.

DiskDigger is available for free from the Google Play Store, but it does require a root-enabled phone and USB debugging to work. Once installed, run the app and select “Start basic photo scan” to start searching for images. Select the folder that contains your images and wait for the search to finish. If the app does not find any images, you can change the search criteria to a more specific file type or date range.

Once the scan has finished, select a location for your restored photos and follow the on-screen instructions to save them. Note that photos recovered with DiskDigger on a non-rooted device will appear lower-resolution or pixelated. If you need to recover higher-quality images, it’s best to root your device and use a different app. You can also choose to save the files to an FTP server if you prefer.

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